Together with two of my friends, we made a short loop for the bi-monthly animation event Loopdeloop in London. The theme was "Shoes".

Ditte Wad did the design and backgrounds, Amanda Holm animated it and I wrote, edited and storyboarded it.

Shoos from Kinda Blonde on Vimeo.


Here's an animatic I did for a pitch that never happened.


Back in December, Goldenwolf Animation brought me in to do storyboards for a social media campaign for the new Adidas Ultraboost19 running shoes. Adidas wanted to show the different properties of the shoe with different animated metaphors which gave us some freedom to do some cool things.

The coloured lines are guides for different social media aspect ratios. I had to make sure that the spots would work in 16:9, 5:6 and 9:16 respectively.




For this one, I got to take the spot all the way from storyboards to final by myself which is something I don't get to do very often so that was fun.

Google I/O

I recently had the honour of working closely together with FX Goby on the opening short for the Google I/O 18 Developer Conference.

It was a very fluid process where we would ping-pong ideas of how we could use the pixel's colour-changing abilities in cute and meaningful ways.

Down below you can watch both the finished version and the animatic

I was responsible for the storyboards and editing

Make good things together - Google I/O 18 from Fx Goby on Vimeo.

Google IO 2018 Animatic from Louis Kynd on Vimeo.

Short Personal Projects

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